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The Art of Dumpling , A Gourmet Pan-Asian Studio is a unit of an Indian conglomerate, Kahhak Industries Private Limited.

Kahhak claims – “Dumplings are indeed prehistoric.” The Art of Dumpling is an epitome of artistic pleasure considering the architectonic, the ornate ambience or the nouvelle cuisine. We take pride in stating that we serve India’s Largest Menu of Dumplings featuring 149 kinds impeccably curated from a vivid range of flavours that is exclusively handpicked from all round the globe.

Our delectable palates offer from the Chinese Wok, Italiasian Oven, Japanese Saibashi, Thai Grata and Kahhak Creamery.  Our masterstrokes list some impeccably curated dishes with 24KT gold, Black Gold Dumpling, Sparkling Cranberry, Rainbow Sushi, Morels in Sanbei, Charred Octopus in Nuac Cham, Okonomiyaki, Auric Aura to name a few hot sellers.

Our adept, enthusiast Founder and Chairperson, Adipta Majumdar’s travel across the world has been an inspiration in bringing an exquisite experience in the industry with a vision to deliver our patrons with an unparalleled experience of consistency, quality and exquisity. Culminating on a curator’s note he always states, “I’m not a Chef. But I am keen about food – the ethics of it, preparing it, sharing it, and undeniably having it”.

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